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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 18, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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for the first time, you're free to cess the movies you buy on demand on all your devices. get the ultimate in kids' entertainment on the ultimate network. it's time for fios. call the vizon center for customers with disabilities go to 800-974-6006 tty/v. tonight, a former boxing charch champ is facing new charges that he stole $500,000 from a gym that helps at-risk kids. >> prosecutors say the gym's founder took money meant to help kidsgambled it away. darcy spencer is in columbia heights with more on the story. darc >> doreen, this gym and this man have been supported by so many people in the community over the years. and tonight some are finding
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these allegations hard to believe. >> there you go. >> reporter: he's a former world lightweight champion and d.c. boxing hall of famer. but now thompson is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a gym he started in 2004 to help keep kids away from gangs and violence. >> i just hate to see him in th type of trouble and hopefully he can get out of it because these kids love him. >> reporter: according to court records and executive director district boxg and youth center, thomps gambled away more tn $500,000 in district government grants. >> a lot of people come here to suppt. i love doing it. and he's a great trainer. i can't see him doing that. >> reporter: but court records show since 2004 he used the organition's debit card to get $150,000 in cash while on several cruises and at bally's casino in atlantic city. according to bally's records,
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thpson lt more than $100,000 at the casino last year. thompson is now facing wire fraud charges. >> we still like to see the gym. we may open, you know, bause we have kids. 77 kids. 37 kids here on an average day. and there's no need to put them out in the cold. they won't have no where else to go. >> reporter: jim graham says thompson's accountant brought financial irregularities more than a year ago. >> i wrote to the attorney general in december 2009 which detailed allegations. >> reporter: the future of the gym remains in doubt as a man held in high esteem in the community prepares to fight not in a ring but in a court of law. according to court records, thompson told an fbi agent back in august, i used the money in the wrong way. i done it and i can't change it. now, he was released from custody after a brief appearance today in court. he's due backn court for a
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preliminary hearing on december th. live from northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. >> darcy, thank you. metro says it's going to take several weeks to repair a broken section of ceiling at the farragut north station downtown. construction work above ground sterday caused a ceiling panel to fall onto the platfm. concrete landed right next to passengers waiting for trains. d.c. transportation officials think faulty diagrams of the construction area are to blame. >> it looks like the drawings that we were provided may have been incomplete. and so it's not really anybody's fault necessarily. >> the ceiling has been pated with plywood in the meantime. d-dot engineers will coordinate repairs tomorrow. constructioavenue, sounds like the title of a crime novel, but police are investigating the real thing just steps from the u.s. capitol and a love triangle
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may be involved. jackie bensen is on capitol hill with more of a murder that ended with a victim inside a box. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, sources say security camera video shows the suspect lugging a cardboard bathtub box from this ilding. d.c. police have released this photo of 34-year-old marvin palencia of maryland. they believe he's responsible for the murder of 36-year-old jacoba vasquez of the district. both worked at 101 construction avenue northwest, a new high-end office building near the u.s. capitol. sources tell news 4 that last week palencia, aaintenance worker, accused vasquez of having an affair with his wife and threatened him saying he would, quote, disappear if he came back to work. vasquez was reported missing friday after he began his work shift but never finished it. detectives found his bicycle still chained outside th building.
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on tuesday, road crews along i-70 at mile marker 48 near frederick, maryland, made a gruesomediscovery, a large blood-stained box with a man's body inside. t >> the area the box was found in is very ouof the way. it's a rural area. the's no real houses around the embankment. >> reporter: sources say an address found in the box led police to palencia. though sources say a review of securi cameras at 101 substitution show palencia on the building's loading dock, pushing a large cardboard box on a hand truck, then putting it in his 2007 honda odyssey minivan. it's similar to this one with maryland vanity plates that read "p-a-l-n-c-i-a." sources say investigators found what they believe to be blood in one of the building's supply closets and think vasquez may haveeen shot to death there. police are searching for marvin palencia and his minivan, and they caution that he is believed
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to be armed d dangerous. doreen, back to you. >> all right, jackie bensen reporting from capitol hill. thank you, jackie. george washington university is dealing with a bedbug problem. there have now been six confirmed cases in five different dorms across campus this semester. four of those cases have been fully treated. two others are expected to be taken care of by next week. many students hadn't heard the news. those who had learned about it from reporters, not the university. g.w. issued a statement today saying it takes reports of bedbugs seriously and continues to educa students about the problem. some parents in fairfax county are upset over a plan that would give studes who cheat a second chance. the principal of west potomac high school wants teachers to decide whether students who cheat should retake a test. instead of getting a zero. there's also a poli there to give students who fail or get an incomplete an endless deadline to make up the grade. some parents say they believe
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the w policies are not good for the students. >> i'd like to know the rationale and the logic of any behind them because right now ey all appear to be setting a very low standard. >> the principal says cheating is a disciplinary problem and not an academic one. just days before his elevation to one of theatholic church's highest positions, washington's archbishop defended the church for its reaction to the priest sex abuse scandal. >> i think the catholic church in the unid states h very, very decisively dealt with this problem. those priests involved in th abuse are no longer in ministry. we have all kinds of programs now for the protection of the young people. >> donald will will become a cardinal during a special ceremony at the vatican saturday. coming up in the broadcast tonight, the end of an era for
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sports writing in washington. bristol palin reacts to the firestorm after an online rant by her sister that included homophobic comments. we're learning about the chaos in the cockpit when an engine exploded on the world's largest passenger plane. >> doug? >> get the coats and hats ready. plus what's next in the forecast. i'll show you in just a couple minutes. doug, we'll hear what's going on with clinton portis. and he talks about the redskins' third-down woes. college hoops getting big tonight. george mason and georgetown advancing at the charleston classic. and the terps try to stand up to the bite of the pitt panthers. as news hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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bristol palin is apologizing for offensive comments she and her sister, willow wrote on facebook this wek.
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16-year-old willow responded by calling the classmate a homophobic flur. bristol also weighed in using curse words. the team mom activist and "dancing with the stars" finalist apologized. she says the sister s over reacted to hurtful comments about the family. there's now an online petition to keep leslie johnson from serving o the county council. some people in district six say they don't want johnson to represent them in light of her arrest in a federal corruption probe. she and her husband, jack johnson, a county executive, the outgoing county executive, were arrested on charges of tampering with federal evidence. currently no laws that ban johnson from being sworn in next month. one of washington'savorite sports writers is leaving "the washington post." michael wilbon will finish his work at the "pos at the end of the year to take on a bigger
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role for espn. he's been with the paper for more than 30 years. his columns on washington sports teams and figures have been must-reads around here for years. the paper announced his departure today in a memo to employees. ming up, the story of a man whoseife started down the wrong putt but is now using his own experiences to help lift up others in our community. general motors takes another turn on the stock exchange. and doug looks ahead at our weekend forecast. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards, me and the la earn rewards just for everyday banking. like writing checks. i found your problem. thank you. getting cash from the drive thru earns us rewards. here's the twenty i owe you. so does paying our bills online. [ mouse squeaking ] click. we even earn rewards for getting money at the atm.
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every year 2500 men return home to washington after spending years in prison. for the majority of them, all they bring home is a drug habit and sense of hopelessness. there are few government programs set up to help them. >> i was a kid, 16 years old.
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i got arrested for breaking into this house. maybe four or five years ago, i was at the settlent table getting ready to sign. and here i am buying the same house. >> reporter: and tt is t snapshot image of charles thornton's journey through this life. and what a journey it's been. today charles is something of a real estate magnate. >> kurm i have 18 properties. >> reporter: he's a husband, te father and grandfather. it's all good today. 30 years ago it was all bad. >> i went in '81 for intent to delir heroin. >> reporter: he grew up in the bld of drug wars. he was a star athlet at woodson high school, but he was unable to resist the temptations of the street life. at 19, still a child, really, he was sentenced to a ten-year stretch in prin. he did his time, but there was one more hurdle, a huge one to overcome.
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because as soon as he got home from prison -- >> i picked up crack cocaine. i picked up crack cocae. and i began to live a life that, you know, withinwo months i was down. >> reporter: and then two things that changed the direction of charles's life. the first was a look in his daughter's eye. >> it's like she looked -- i looked at her and she looked at me. and she turned away. and that was all i could say. >> reporter: that led charles to the 12-step program. and it was at a meeting there that he met a guy named joe luske. >> joe was a big part of the miracle for me. the fit thing he did, you know, was he put his hand out. and i thought it was a handshake. but what it was,e was pulling me up. >> reporter: a wealthy stockbroker from bethesda. he became a mentor. >> he inspired me to get involved in the american system.
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and actually, the first house that i wound up buying was his. >> repter: the first of many over the years. charles doesn't develop much property anymore, but what he has never stopped doing is reaching out men who once were just like him. >> i've got to come home, and i grab him. and i begin to show them what's necessary to re-enter into society successfully. >> reporter: men like william lawson. not a lot of options after a longime in prison. >> i know i'm not alone. i know someone know my struggle. he knows what i've been thugh. he knows where i'm trying to go. and he's opened his arms to a degree where he'll assist me. >> i put my hand out. i did the same thing that was done for me by joe luske. >> there's more to charles's story. you can see on our news 4 "ts week" broadcast on sunday, the 28th, at noon. >> wow, what an inspiring story.
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>> good man. >> good stuff. interested to see more. so it's darn colout there tonight. >> and it's getting colder overnight tonight. temperatures last couple days have been well above average. and we are going to move down beloaverage for a change during the day tomorrow. get ready. it is going to be a cold morning. it was a cold night out there tonight. plenty of people out walking around. yeah, you needed the hood and the coats. and tomorrow morning, you'll need just about everything else out there. especially for the kids as you send them out to the school bus as temperatus in most areas, if not all areas, will be down into the 30s. outside now, a nice shot of the jeerson memorial tonight. still a few clouds. we'll see those clouds begin to clear out. we will see temperatures drop. hi today was 59 degrees. low around49. is was actually the 11th day in a row with temperatures above average. it's just amazing how warm we have been over the past week to two weeks. but that is going to changen a big way. not just today but most likely into next week as well.
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48 degrees out there right now. winds out of the west-northwest at eight. and that wind just makes it feel that much cooler. right now 40 in sterling. 36 in manassas and 46 towards frederick. 43 towards quantico. this won be the coolest day all season and it's not the coolest we've seen in the past couple weeks but it will be a cold start to your friday. 31 to 38. once again the kids will need the coats. i think we'll see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. at least that should help us out. we saw a storm system move through. not much of one. if you saw a sprinkle, thawas about it. one thing we've seen is a change in the jet stream pattern. that jet stream dipping way down to the south and making its way up towards our area. underneath, highs today in chicago, 39. only 45 in cincinnati and 47 in detroit. that's the air that will move into our are during the day tomorrow. temperatures will be about five degrees below where they were today. if you thought today s cool, tomorrow will be a lot cooler. that area of low pressure, behind it still seeing the cool
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air. hi pressure settles in tomorrow. that means plenty of sunshine. it will be cool n just tomorrow but saturday morning could be very cold. some areas into the upper 20s. mild air dung the afternoon. another ont comes through and cools us down for sunday. roller-coaster temperatures the neck coup next couple days. breezy tomorrow, 31 to 38 and with winds at 10 to a,15, i thi we could see windchills in the upper 20s to low 30s. a cool afternoon. breezy early but winds die down. 49 to 54 on your friday. as we make our way through the weekend, i think right now saturday looks like a great day. plenty of sunshine, high near 60 after a cold start. 52 on sunday as we cool back down. then right back up on monday ahead anoth storm system, this next storm system on tuesday will give us some showers. and then wednesday and thursday and, of course, now we're talking about thanksgiving. that storm will be a game changer. not just for a couple days, but
11:21 pm
maybe for a couple of weeks. and we'll talk more about that next couple days. >> could be a schedulehanger for some people making travel plans. >> if you have travel plans, you want to watch out for this one still ahead, bartends show off their skills at a competition. sports, the hoyas dialing long distance in charleston. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of libert and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of brancs and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c.
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the hoyas? >> the hoyas did well. the terps, not as well. mason did well. we're 2 for 3 on the night. >> okay. not bad. >> we're going to work our way up here. if there's such a thing as an
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encouraging loss, the terps had one. maryland hanging around against the bigger and more experienced pitt team. but in the end the fourth ran d ranked panthers proved to be too much. maryland with a perfect 3-0 record. off to a good start. first half, adrian had 14 points, solid game. four minutes left in the half. off the mark. cliff tucker pulls down the rebo rebound. he's been watching john wall videos. coast to coast up and in. he played very well. 17 points in the game for tucker. tucker also. to dino gregory for the dunk. that sparks the nice run. that tied things up at 46-46. maryland not able to hang on. pittsburgh on the move. check out this bounce pass. about a 50-foot bounce pass. not too shabby. gilbert brown th the finish. maryland loses 79-70.
11:25 pm
the terps will play the loser of illinois and texas. tomorrow night. john thompson iii was what should be a couple of easy games, the only ranked team down in the charleston classic. first half, georgetown hadhe outside shot working. that is called good ball movement. and that's called a sweet stroke. jason clark buries the three. he had five of them. finishes with 22 points. may i have another austin freeman says absolutely. ge the thee to s the three to . playing some defense. they force the turnover, get the steal. greenwood in for the layup. that's an 11-0 run. wisely called the time-out. it works. they had no worries. freeman hits another three. georgetown had 14 three-pointers in the game. they beat coastal carolina, 80-61. taking on charlotte. and the charleston classic nightcap. first half, mason on the break.
11:26 pm
they're going to miss the initial layup here, but byron allen is there. no worries. he cleans up the mess. charlotte, ugly, 17 turnovers. second half, mason with great passing here. ryan pierson to jonathan arledge. he had nine points for mason. stepping it up on defense as well. cam long. a great defensive play. saves itrom going out of bounds. he delivers. nice pass back to luke hancock. 78-56 is the final. mason beat charlotte. coege football now. everybody's wondering about his future. maryland announced today that he will be back for another season. the terps are 7-3 and still alive for a spot in thea.c.c. championship game. they host florida state on saturday. up a level. the skins going on the road against tennessee this wkend, without carlos rogers. he has a strained hamstring.
11:27 pm
ryan terrain has yet to practice on the other side of the ball. and clinton portis hopes to be back, but he hasn't fully tested his injured groin. he's msed the last five games. and during that time the offense has struggled mightily. they're the worst third down team in the league. perhaps getting portis back if he is ready to go down in tennessee will help matters just a little bit. kyle shanahan and donovan mcknack, i'm sure, have a lot of things to talk about during practices. neither one of those guys play. >> thank you. >> you're weome. up next, new details about thatantas miracle land
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get the ultimate in mobile entertainment on the ultimate network. it's time for fios. call the verizon center f customers with disabilities go to at 800-974-6006 tty/v. general mors is a publicly traded company once again. the american automaker filed for bankruptcy 16 months ago. today gm shares opened on the stock exchange at $35. the second largest initial blic offering in history will help gm pay back nearly a quarter of a $50 billion government loan. 22 months after the miracle on the hudson, another airline crew is beginning to get similar credit for landing the world's largest passenger plane. the qantas crew from flying from singapore to sydney, auralia, when one of its massive engines exploded in the area.
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shr shrapnel punctured two fuel tanks. it became tail heavy which could cause a stall. 54 different warnings and alerts went off in the cockpit. there were also a number of proble with the landing gear. incredibly the captain wa in the middle of an annual evaluation so there were two other veterans inside. they jump ed. in all, over 100 years flying experience. they planned to land that plane with one engine and flat tires. none of the passengers on board
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some local bartenders were in a skilled competition tonight. eight tgi friday's tack at their occupations only. by the way, they were raising money for the make awiz


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